Halong bay

Traveling in Ha Long by yacht

Presently, many tourists at home and abroad tend to visit Ha Long Bay by boat. So there are a lot of tourist units, they organize tours to Halong with yachting to visitors can admire the majestic beauty of Ha Long…

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Welcome to Ha Long Bay

The most appropriate time to travel Halong

Halong Bay is the famous tourist destination in the north, is located in Quang Ninh province.  And Ha Long Bay is a tourist destination that you should not ignore in life. Come to Ha Long and feel the wild beauty…

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Halong Scorpion

See the beauty of Ha Long Bay in heights

Sightseeing Halong Bay from the top down, you can feel all the majestic beauty that nature has endowed this land. You can also stand in Poem mountain or Ti Top Island to see Halong Bay from the top. At 2…

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Carnaval Ha Long - Exciting sea festive season

Carnaval Ha Long – Exciting sea festive season

Carnaval Ha Long festival is usually held in late April every year, this is the beginning of a summer tourist season with full exciting. Carnaval Ha Long became the meeting point for lovers of sea and impressive art. Each year,…

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Exploring Ha Long Bay with Scorpion Cruise

Exploring Ha Long Bay with Scorpion Cruise

Ha Long is one of the tourist attractions the most today. Together with the development of Quang Ninh Province, Ha Long Bay has been growing at a rapid pace. If you are planning to travel Ha Long in the upcoming…

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Scorpion Cruises Halong

Reviewed Cruise Scorpion Yacht

Scorpion Cruise is a three stars yacht, upgraded and into operation in 2014. It was also appreciated the thoughtful service style and wholeheartedly by many customers at home and abroad. If you are intending to go for relaxation, sightseeing, relaxing…

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Scorpion Cruise Halong Bay

Featured images of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is explanned that the Dragon landed in this bay. It is small bay within West coast Northern Bay, sea area northern Vietnam, including island waters belong to Ha Long City and Cam Pha City and a part…

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Scorpion Cruise Overview

10 Beautiful Beaches in Northern Viet Nam( part 2)

6. Halong Bay- Quang Ninh Besides having been recognized twice by World Heritage Council as a World Heritage in 1994 and 2000, recently, Halong Bay is also one of the new 7 natural wonders.  Famous landmarks like Thien Cung cave,…

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10 Beautiful Beaches in Northern Viet Nam ( Part 1)

1.Cat Ba- Hai Phong Natural of Cat Ba is still wild with jungles, beaches, rivers, mountains are linked together which create many unique beauty. In 15.200 hectares of Cat Ba Forest, Cat Ba National Park is home for 282 different…

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