Visitting Quan Lan beach with Scorpion Cruise

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Quan Lan beach is located in Quan Lan island in Bai Tu Long bay, between Minh Chau and Quan Lan commune, Van Don district, 50 km from Ha Long City. Quan Lan Beach is the most beautiful beaches in northern Vietnam due to keeping the rawness with strong waves of blue beach and smooth white sand. Let’s discover this wonderful beach with Scorpion Cruise.

Quan Lan Island was once a center of bustling trading port and prosperity in Van Don in the 11th century. There are two times each day boats to the island and just over ten minutes you were in the middle of the ocean waves.

Visitting Quan Lan beach with Scorpion Cruise

Strong impressions that visitors feel this is very personal definition of the most beautiful beaches in the North is cool sea blue eyes and beautiful smooth white sand beaches can be compared fairly with the beach in the central region of the country of Quan Lan beach.

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Coming to Quan Lan Beach, visitors will be free to drowning themselves on the white sand beach. But to feel very fine sand here better, guests should walk by barefoot, feel quietly the taste of the sea, left temporarily behind the hustle of busy urban place.

Nothing better than is the feeling of sitting on the fine white sand between our space with only sea and sky, closed her eyes and breathed lightly the fresh sea breeze, listened to the sound of each surf wave to keep calm seren soul. “Slow living” down a bit to see next to me there is more meaning behind all the worries, the chaos of everyday life.

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One of the special points is that Quan Lai beach usually has fewer people. Sometimes, Quan Lan beach only a few tour groups playing on the beach. On the road along the beach, there is sometimes a few passing vehicles and then quickly disappeared.

Moreover, Quan Lan Beach is also the address of the gold in the handbook of young couples. They will hold wedding photography or honeymoon. Love will be sweeter when sublimation of natural beauty and romantic, would be a profound memories in life.

Guests who love good food don not forget to taste the rare seafood on Quan Lan Island, these dishes are not only delicious, but it also bring very high nutritional value, such as: “sa sung” is rare seafood with enhance health effects men; Van Don dry ink; sea cucumber; …

How to move to Quan Lan beach?

Usually there are two ways to Quan Lan by pasenger car, Which is going from Hanoi – Ha Long – Quan Lan and Hanoi – Cai Rong – Quan Lan (according to the experience of many visitors, this way is easier).

Ssorpion Cruises

– High speed train. Tourists can choose to Ngoc Vinh ship (Phuc Thinh Co.) velocity of 70 Km. Running in 45 minutes. Time to go: 7:00, 8:00, 14:00, 15:00. Time to back: 7:00, 13:00, 14:00. Phone: (033) 3 874574-0982788298 – Fax: 0333 993698. Ticket prices of high speed train is from 120,000 to 150,000 VND / time / person (depending on each Co.)

– Wooden ship departs 7pm (it takes about 3 hours to Quan Lan Island), high speed train start running at 8 am (it takes about 1.5h to Quan Lan Island); according to predecessors, visitors should early arrive about 30 minutes to stable seat, especially wood ships because the ship are going to run when it has enough people. Sticket price from 50.000 to 60.000 VND/time/person.

– Phone number of ticket office in the port: 0982788298. Refer 1 wooden ship run to Quan Lan: 0978.743617.

– Hydrofoil Viet Anh team, Telephone: 0982788298 (takes about 45-50 minutes, the ship move close to shore).

– High speed train Cua Ong to Quan Lan island, contact Quang Minh ship, phone: 874 574 033.3, mobile of Ming uncle: 0982788298.

– If guests want to bring the motorcycle to convenient movement for visitting on the Quan Lan beach, guests can take it up ship. Or you can rent motorcycle of hotel, where you stay there, to visitting. Guests ever go to Co to island will have more experience in this.

However, keep in mind that if you drive during the day, you will have to sleep in Cai Rong in the evening.

Hotels in Quan Lan Beach

There are four choices of accommodation in Quan Lan: motels, hotels, resorts and on stilts. If you think motels and hotels in Quan Lan will not fully equipped and good service because of on the island, it was a mistake, not only good service, clean rooms, happy enthusiastic staff that price will be very “soft”.

If you want a relaxing vacation and do not care about the cost, Minh Chau Resort is the best choice. The Minh Chau Beach Resort is located close to the beach is the largest in Quan Lan in terms of both number of rooms, quality and of course, price is also quite high with a full-service restaurants, coffee, bike rental … Room rates range from 550,000 to 1,500,000 VND depending on room type and time.

However, for tourists who want to save the budget for the trip, they can choose Ann hotel located into Quan Lan center. And, this hotel, which has also enthusiastic service, attentive, fully equipped, is an ideal spot for guests discovering Ha Long. Guests at the hotel can walk around to see the top attractions of the city such as: Tan Phong beach, Thai Hoa beach, Quan Laiisland…. Reference price: 605.000 – 908.000 VND / room…