The festival is unique in Ha Long

Come to Ha Long, guests have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and and people of this great land.

1. Carnival Ha Long

Carnaval Ha Long is considered one of the grand festival, unique to be held in the beautiful coastal city of Ha Long. From 2007 to present, every year at the end of April to early May, Quang Ninh Province solemnly organized the Carnival to promote and introduce the image of Ha Long to visitors and international friends, and to welcome a new tourist season.

The festival is unique in Ha Long

With the participation of thousands of actors, dancers, singers and the repertoire of dance music, street parades and a fireworks display art, Carnaval Ha Long has become a spirit dish indispensable for the people of Ha Long in particular and the people of the country in general.

2. Long Tien Pagoda Festival

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Long Tien Pagoda is the largest pagoda in Ha Long city. It is located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain – a historical monuments, famous scenic spots. Long Tien Pagoda Festival is held on March 24th of the lunar calendar. The festival is not only an opportunity for tourists to visit, sightseeing pagoda, but it is also an opportunity to pray for luck, repel evil, confession of the people … Overall this is a festival of spiritual meaning, culture very high. It helps people retreats, peace in thought.

3. Cua Ong Temple Festival

Cua Ong Temple is one of the famous relics of the Tran dynasty in Cam Pha town, Quang Ninh Province. The temple has three areas: Down Temple, Middle Temple and Uptemple that made up of a architectural ensemble shapes legs of cauldron overlooking majestic Bai Tu Long Bay. Cua Ong Temple Festival is taking place at about 2nd January – 30th March lunar calendar every year.

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Tourists and people going to Cua Ong Temple festival go to express reverence to the national hero. They also have the opportunity to admire the mountains and river views, wonderful sky and sea, nature’s magic in Bai Tu Long Bay.

4. Yen Tu Temple Festival

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Yen Tu is considered “Land of the Vietnam Buddhist”. Here is not only famous as a sacred land, but it is also a beautiful scenic spots loved by domestic and foreign tourists. Approximately 130km from Hanoi, every year Yen Tu Pagoda tourist area attracts millions of tourists to visit. The festival begins on 10 January and last through March (lunar calendar) every year.

5. Bach Dang festival

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Bach Dang Festival was held on 8th March (lunar calendar) every year in Yen Giang, Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh province. The festival is a celebration of Bach Dang victory of the national hero against invaders. Besides the main ceremony at the temple Tran Hung Dao Vua Ba Temple incenses offering, Guests have been participated in folk games such as wrestling, human chess, cock fighting …