Special breakfast dishes in Danang

Danang do not only attract visitors by seafood, snack foods, but it also attracts tourists by breakfast items with full nitrients and attractions. The following article, Scorpion Cruise will show five breakfast dishes that characteristic of Danang.

1. Quang noodle

Special breakfast dishes in Danang


Quang noodle are considered national dish of here. Not difficult to find a quality Quang noodle restaurant. Quang noodle at here is extremely diverse. In addition to common types such as chicken noodle, meat egg noodles, Phu Chiem noodles; here also have jellyfish noodles, snakehead fish Quang noodle. Phu Chiem noodles that is often sold in sidewalk restaurants is traditional Quang noodle. Jellyfish noodle is a bit chewing very happy mouth. Snakehead fish noodle is yellow color, slices of snakehead fish that was cut to eat is spicy staste. Mi Quang has been brought to many different areas of the country, but very few places can catch the spirit of this dish. Central noodle soups are always less other places and it is in the bottom of the bowl but the water is quite salty so that food is still tasty. Vegetables to eat with this dish is abundance and always eye-catching with many different green color. And especially, the local people always eat noodles with big green peppers, using a hand to hold chopsticks to pick up each noodle, another hand to take peppers into the mouth.

2. Fish ball noodles

Fish ball noodles

Grilled fish is processed in two methods steaming and frying. A delicious bowl of fish ball noodles includes fish ball, kohlrabi, pumpkin, fresh bamboo shoots, tomato, pickled purple onion and little meat to increase flavor. Fish ball noodle restaurant concentrated on Nguyen Chi Thanh street and Le Hong Phong Street (Hai Chau District). Fish ball Da Nang noodle will appeal to you when you enjoy it at the first time due to the sweet aroma flavor, light sour of the water, hot piece of fish, delicious, extremely attractive. A full noodle bowl costs about over a dollar and enough to satisfy you. On Nguyen Chi Thanh Street has many restaurant that open all day.

3. Ly Tu Trong “beo” cake

Ly Tu Trong “beo” cake

Beo cake is very popular dish but incredibly seductive with people and tourists to Da Nang. Multiplying the loaves includes shrimp, hash lean meat, mushrooms, … cooked to red gelatinous mixture with a little orange, eyes look extremely tasty. When entering the restaurant, you can see the Beo cake cup made from porcelain can be stacked to form the tower. The next tois the pot’s boiling hot bread smells extremely sexy fragrance. Danang people like spicy, so saurce cup is many chilies. If you like, visitors can eat more fish ball. In some places, such as restaurant on Ly Tu Trong street, Beo cake will be sold together with tapioca pudding, nam cale, cake less ram, wet cake,… so you can order a dish for all cake type. Cakes are cooked on the spot, so it is always hot, delicious.

4. Minh Khai chicken Sticky Rice

Sweet chicken bones so after boiling, the water chicken is very tasty, with a natural sweetness.

Chicken Sticky Rice is in everywhere, so why should to Da Nang of sun and wind to eat sticky rice and chicken? Because chicken is here very special. Chicken is not too chewy, fatty chicken skin but not difficult to eat, when boiled up with bright yellow color, look extremely attractive. Sweet chicken bones so after boiling, the water chicken is very tasty, with a natural sweetness. Dry sticky rice but not hard and very flexible. When this dish is sprinkled a layer of grease onion, it is extremely attractive color. Chili sauce here create focal points for this dish. Chili sauve is deep red color, spicy, sweet. Chicken Sticky Rice are sold lots throughout the Da Nang city but the most famous and affordable price is restaurants that located along on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. If you eat in the morning, tourists an be admired the scenery of gurgles students to eat to get ready for school.

5. Chu Van An pate bread

Chu Van An pate bread

This dish is extremely preferred of youth Danang because of ensure all the criteria: “cheap, strange, delicious”. This dish cost only 10 thousand but the quality immensely. Bread will be served with pate, chicken sauce, quail eggs, rolls and chili sauce of Danang. Attached to it was a dish of laksa leaves, cucumber. Do not see a small dish that you think you can not reduce hunger, so slightly salty sauce usually served with so much bread. Add a glass of soy milk is that correct standard breakfast of Quang people.