Soi Sim island – Ha Long

Soi Sim is a small island located in the west of Halong Bay. This island have put into operation in the recent. It is far away 12 km from Bai Chay cruise ship port (Ha Long city), about 700m from Ti Top island. This is one beautiful island with white sandy beaches, blue water and cool space created by the array of beautiful trees.

Soi Sim island - Ha Long

Soi Sim has an area of approximately 8.7 hectares, the island has a special geological structure with 2/3 of the area covered by Feralit and weathered soils. In the mountains is a primeval forest with a rich variety of plants. Especially, there are many endemic trees that have valuable and bring ecosystems typical of Halong Bay. According to the researchers, Soi Sim has many endemic species because the island has hundreds of millions of years ago, then it was surrounded by sea. Locals said that in the past on the island has a lot of myrtle should be called Soi Sim.

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Compared to other islands in Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim is one of tourist spots to visit quite refreshing, because the island was put into tour exploitation less than 10 years. The most attractive thing for tourists to visit Soi Sim island is the green of the plants growing on the island, wild scenery, the quiet atmosphere, blue and clean water here. Visitors also can observe small fishes swimming around. Perhaps, because of this, visitors to Soi Sim enjoy to bath on the beach. In addition, the high point of Soi Sim is also convenient for sightseeing. From there, visitors can zoom eye embracing the southeast and northwest of the heritage area, world natural wonder of Halong Bay. To meet the needs of tourists visiting, now Ha Long Bay Management Board has established service system is quite amenities on the island to serve tourists.

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With its wild beauty, rich ecosystem and is located in the heart of the heritage district, world natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim is an attractive destination, attracting visitors , swimming, ecotourism on Halong Bay in this summer especially. Known, according to planning, in the not too distant future, there will be a conservation area of plant and animal built of Halong Bay built on the Soi Sim island…