Experiencing a different summer in Co To Island

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When the heatwaves attack the North, summer is coming. Many people come the gentle waters for cooling to avoid oppressive atmosphere in city. Travel Co To is one of the choices of many people.

With beautiful, clean, pristine beaches, Co To will take you to an island paradise, with lots of amazing things.

Experiencing a different summer in Co To Island

With the forest on the island, you not only feel the pace of the sea,but also a passion for journey on the forest. There is relaxing activity is that you can slow walk on the long beaches such as Hong Van beach, Van Chay beach of Love beach in the centre of town…, but Co To is very difference by blue sapphire waters, gentle sea breeze from offshore make the hair fly. Small Co To is a deserted island, no man, located between the ocean.

Another special experience, it is that you can promenade Mars on Cau My rock shore in Co To. Rock shore has different color, impressive, with a lot of shock waves. This is the ideal place to see the sunrise over the sea.

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Or guests can explore the journey to the lighthouse Co To – one of the lighthouses with the best views in the country. From here, users can see the beautiful vast space of the sky and sea in Coto from a height of 118 m above sea level. Admire the open space and the endless beauty of nature bestowed “green pearl” Co To.

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Walking on the Love road paved with red brick with green pines very impressive romantic in road sides. Next to Love road is the Monument, Uncle Ho’s memorial house on the island with ancient ruin.

You can experience lots of other exciting activities in Co To island such as sleeping in duck tents designed strange, watching the waves at peaceful nigh on the beach with fine sand. Entertainment in the Co To Park at Hong Van beach – One of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches on the Co To island. This is a separate play area measuring 1000m2, 4km from the center of the town of Coto, opened on all days of the week, this park has combining water games and barbecue food on the beach.

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In addition, you can organize water sports activities such as volleyball, kayaking, snorkeling bath on the clean waters …