Carnaval Ha Long – Exciting sea festive season

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Carnaval Ha Long festival is usually held in late April every year, this is the beginning of a summer tourist season with full exciting. Carnaval Ha Long became the meeting point for lovers of sea and impressive art.

Each year, Halong Carnaval will usually have one topic, to bring the message; There are changes in content in one unified expressions – street festival. With the participation of local people and tourists, so the native culture was showed clearer in the festival seasons. Together with the great treasures of the rocky islands thousands of years floating in the sea, Ha Long has been praised on the most famous newspaper in tourism by the whole world. Additionally, Carnaval Ha Long became a “party”, a meeting point for people who love the seaside city of Quang Ninh.

Carnaval Ha Long

When you are surrounded by Ha Long Bay, you will be immersed in the natural landscape here. Sitting on a yacht, you will be watched all the small islands floating on Halong Bay: Saddle island, Dinh Huong island, Toad island, Chopsticks island, ….

After a round trip, the boat dock Sung Sot Cave – one of the most spectacular stalactite caves in populations of bay. Jump up the stone steps rugged, a magnificent palace opened up. The pace of cave with a stream of cool air is emitted from the ground is very comfortable. The ceiling of cave with small indentations like the ceiling of Opera is height of 30 meters. This make this makes tourists surprised.

Carnaval Ha Long - Exciting sea festive season

Cave is divided into two main compartments with thousands of stalagmites, stalactites sparkling in yellow light. The first comparment has countless stalactites sparkling chandelier. Toward the torch of guides is image stone elephants, stone seals, raspberry, sea bear … alive. In the 2nd compartment, there are many ancient banyan tree, water bears, dinosaurs, fairies, ….

Next is to Ti Top island – the island is named after astronaut Russians. Island with crescent moon shaped beach,smooth sand, blue water attracts tourists to swim, play sports …

Scorpion Cruise Halong

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