8 experiences that you can not miss when traveling Co To

Scorpion Cruise, Halong Scorpion Cruise - Official Website News 8 experiences that you can not miss when traveling Co To

Co To – the waters have magical attraction of sunny summer days by wild character and many interesting activities that tourists experienced. He deep blue color of the sea, the blue of the sky color in harmony, which make people passionate this peaceful island.

1. Enjoy the sunset on the Coto island

“Small Coto” where has the most beautiful beach of Coto islands. White sandy beach stretches surrounds the island like a string of pearls around the neck of beauties. Sometimes there are rocks floating in the vast landscape of sea and sand.

8 experiences that you can not miss when traveling Co To

In the afternoon, when the sky filled with clouds, the clouds with orange outline and full of mesmerizing. Visitting Small Coto on the last sunny days one way, it will make people reminisce, nostalgia that peace.

At sunset, the Small Coto sea is filled by charm. When everything transformed to orange colors, print images on sky like picture wearing, as well as exposing the whole looks at beautiful sunset in the beautiful Coto island.

2. Take a photo the sunrise from the top of Cau My stone

Cau My stone is area that has beautiful stone, blue water and waves lapping during day and night on the Coto wild island.

Cau My stone

To Coto on sunny day, the water rocks of Cau My reflect color blue sky. Silver waves rush to shore, clap on the rocks, create dazzling white foam. The shape of rocks is fancy, interesting. There are flat stones and when setting foot on the stone, you will feel cool, charm, soft. To Coto, touristes usually visit Cau My when the sun rise. Early pristine and clear sunshine makes water color more subtle. So do not forget to take pictures sunrise here. About heaven that is easy to touch hearts in love.

3. Bathing at Hong Van beach that is sea water with jade green color

Hong Van beach is in the west of Coto islands.There are calm quiet water that ripples like lake water due to Thanh Lan island lying stretches windbreaking from the sea blowing in. Clear sea water and soft sand beaches that make visitors can not leave.

Hong Van beach

Hong Van that is very suitable to see sunrise has deep water and these flows strongly. And there are the unnamed beaches surrounding idyllic island nearly ten kilometers.

When coming Coto, visitors will have the most wonderful opportunity to bathing in Hong Van beach that always attract tourists the wild and exquisite combination of nature.

4. Fishing at night

Coto in starry night with the cool sea breeze, the blue color of the stars like pearls, and colored lights from the fishing boats anchored on the sea is calm, this is the perfect moment for visitors to experience a night fishing at here.

Fishing at night on Co To island

Tourists who desire fishing and exploring will certainly be satisfied with the opportunity to put to sea on a fishing boat in great night in Coto.

5. Eatting BBQ on the beach

Enjoining BBQ on the beach at night

Enjoining BBQ on the beach at night is also a romantic setting for the youth to feel the taste of the sea especially. Because, there are long sandy beaches with the silvery sparkle of the sand. Enjoining the fragrant grilled dishes, drinks, next to the whispering waves coming is the exciting experience of visitors on the beautiful Coto island.

6. Panoramic view of the island from the lighthouse Coto in sunny day

The lighthouse is located on the top of Coto 101 meters above the sea. From this height, visitors can admire the beautiful views of the islands, wild and peaceful beach.

Scorpion Cruise

Perhaps this is one of the lighthouse with the best beautiful views because of standing on the mountain that is in the middle of an island. So, around the lighthouse is blue sea, near the mountains, away from the Island, far as to the mainland with winding mountain ranges.

7. Take a selfie shooting in the primitive Choi forest in flowering season

Coming to travel Coto, visitors are not only admired the blue sea, buried themselves in white sand beaches, but they are also enjoined the delicious dishes of hot seafood taste or attractive games. Visitors can also come to the primitive Choi forest- forest embraces all roads around the island by the ancient trees hundreds of years old. Surely, you will have the exciting experience.

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Visitors will hunt unique pictures in the Choi forest in flowering season. The flowering season is in April annual, when the tourist season is more likely.

8. Try new entertainments at Coto Park

Water parks have a total area of over 1.000m²- Coto Park has become the largest water park in Vietnam and the only one in the paradise Coto island, Quang Ninh.

Coto Park

Coto Park is divided into several attractive items such passing obstacle course, climbing on the sea, inflatable kayaks, water volleyball, sand play area for children. With facilities including entertainment, dining together in one place.

The beauty of the Coto makes visitors charmed, immersed, which like a trip will never explore scenic paradise fully.